Episode 5 – In Discussion with Michael Nudo on “Political Action in Medicine”

On this episode of the Peer Med podcast, we welcome, Michael Nudo to discuss the role of politics and action in medicine. The pandemic COVID19 has highlighted how intertwined these domains of life are that a world free of politics is virtually impossible. This episode features Michael Nudo, a soon to be graduate of Concordia University attaining  his Bachelor’s of Arts degree with a Major in Political Science and a  Minor in Law and Society. He specializes in Electoral Politics within  Canada and the United States, and keeps up to date with all the  political news. As an Italian Quebecer, Michael embraces diversity, appreciating the richness of other opinions and views besides his own. He is passionate about the role politics plays in our everyday lives and hopes to lead Canadians in  the future. Often admired by his peers for his political projections  and strong opinions, he is a political scientist, speaker and leader!  
To contact Michael Nudo: m.nudo@outlook.com. DISCLAIMER:
All opinions are his own and from a political perspective with regards to many political issues occurring within the world. Feel free to disagree. That’s the beauty of politics as it is a matter of human rights and freedom of expression, agreeing and disagreeing is natural and is what makes us all humans.

Episode 3 – One on One with Abhijit Naskar on “Time to Save Medicine”

On this episode of the Peer Med podcast, we welcome world renowned speaker Abhijit Naskar. He is a leading neuroscientist, an international best-selling author of more than 40 books, and a global advocate of peace. He tackles fascinating questions about the human mind, neuroscience and dives into the psyche of the deeper emotions, thoughts and behaviours of human beings. He started off studying computer engineering but things took a different turn for Mr Naskar when he discovered his passion for scientific research and the study of human life. He is a champion of human rights and actively advocates for eradicating religious differences and all forms of discrimination; and for this he has been popularly hailed as a humanitarian guiding civilization as a whole. This episodes captures the two in conversation about his book Time to Save Medicine and asks for his advice to clinicians serving on the front-lines of the current health care crisis.