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A student-led initiative of the Peer Med Foundation, the Peer Med podcast intertwines medicine, an ever changing science of diagnosis and treatment, with conversations about issues in healthcare where lives are on the line.

Time to Do Better – For Patients, People & Humanity


1: We aim to encourage health professionals to look beyond medicine and into the experiences, values and beliefs of patients to ensure a successful therapeutic relationship.

2: We aim to serve as a voice taking the everyday scenarios from emergency rooms of infection and disease plaguing our species and to encourage a more humane outlook amidst all conflict and chaos by healthcare professionals.

About the Host:

As a Medical Student, Global Health Fellow and a Graduate with a Specialization in Biology & a Minor in Human Rights, Leah aspires to serve humanity. 

She is the Founder & Executive Director of the Peer Medical Foundation (PMF), an aspiring youth-led international not-for-profit organization advancing health equity, diversity & inclusion. She is also the Host of the Peer Med Podcast, an initiative under PMF intertwining medicine, an ever changing science of diagnosis and treatment with conversations about issues in healthcare where lives are on the line. These very stories on the platform and projects have strengthened her commitment to care for the most in need and together have furthered her passions to become a diverse, committed and compassionate leader in public service as well as a physician in caring for life. 


“Peer Med hopes to serve as a medium for inspiration, for reflection, and invites people from across the healthcare spectrum and beyond to come together committed and dedicated to serve humanity.”

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