The Podcast Committee Launches Trailer of “Behind Diagnoses: Patients” | A Peer Med Podcast Series

“Empowering & uplifting Patient Voices, to share their insight and experiences navigating the healthcare system.”

Behind Diagnoses: Patients | A Peer Med Podcast Series

On September 11, the Peer Med Foundation’s Podcast Committee released its first ever series trailer for patients, Behind Diagnoses: Patients. Geared towards health care providers, students and patients, the trailer depicts the cold harshness and professionalism of healthcare professionals as well as their genuine work to solve health issues to the emotional side of patients, their voices, journeys and the impact of social determinants such as racism, sexism + more on healthcare and how patients in the end have to live with their diagnoses.

We are especially appreciative of participants for their vulnerability, shared story, and valuable insight. We are proud to have been sponsored by #RisingYouth, TakingItGlobal, Government of Canada & Canada Service Corps for the funding involved with the project. It has allowed us to feature over 15+ patients, their journeys and life living with a chronic illness, diagnosis and the uncertainty of the unknown.

The Behind Diagnoses: Patients series Trailer is now available on YouTube, while the series is set to release starting September 15th, 2021. We encourage all our viewers, listeners and audience to stay tuned for eye-openers, tears and stories that will give you goose bumps, all to ensure that WE do better for patients, people and humanity!