Episode 14 – Illiteracy Matters: Lives For Literacy “Empowering Humans” in Canada and Abroad

On this episode of the Peer Med Podcast, we welcome students from universities across Canada who have stepped up in the midst of the pandemic to speak about their initiative Lives For Literacy (L4L). Inspired by her role as a World Literacy Foundation Ambassador, Yasmin together with her team created Lives For Literacy, a grassroots movement dedicated to eradicating illiteracy and raising awareness about the beauty of education in Canada and abroad. Through a variety of events, workshops, and campaigns among others, L4L serves as a platform for innovation, creativity providing opportunities for students, essentially empowering them to effect tangible change in their communities.

Episode 13 – From War to Asylum: Collaboration Interprofessionnelle Montréalaise Étudiante (CIME) Diminishing Healthcare Gaps in MTL

On this episode of the Peer Med Podcast, we welcome medical students from McGill University to speak about their initiative Collaboration Interprofessionnelle Montréalaise Étudiante (CIME). They share the common goal of diminishing healthcare gaps experienced by asylum seekers in Montréal. Through health promotion workshops, health navigation consultations and student screening clinics held at the William Hingston Center and at the CLSC Parc-Extension, CIME seeks to promote the health and wellness of these vulnerable populations by trying to improve access to health care and community services in Montreal.

Episode 12 – Tackling Food Insecurity: One Meal at a Time with Meet the Need Montreal Co-Founders from McGill University

On this episode, we welcome Meet the Need Montreal Co-Founders from McGill University to speak about their initiative tackling the food insecurity crisis. Seeing the urgent need for help within the community, as their name suggests, Meet the Need Montreal stepped up to help alleviate the pressing demands on food banks by filling the gaps where help was and is needed most. This group of students are always finding ways to help “Meet the Need” by reaching out to very multicultural “in need” communities.

Episode 11 – McGill Medical Student’s Helping Hands Initiative: Extending Arms to Vulnerable Women & Shelters

On this episode, we welcome Helping Hands, a student-led initiative by McGill medical students to speak about their involvement in the community. They have provided more than 500 feminine hygiene kits containing care supplies to various women in Montreal via their multiple partners, including CLSC Parc Extension and the Chronic Viral Illness Service. This episode welcomes Renuka Sivanathan, Nardin Farag and Dean Noutsios who share the work they’ve done, and the impact its had for them.

Episode 10 – Women in Medicine And Society: Reviewing the Past, Present and Future with Tanya-Michelle Contente

On this episode of the Peer Med Podcast, we welcome Tanya-Michelle Contente to speak about Women in Medicine and Society. It reviews the past, present and looks to the future. This episode discusses the complex challenging issues prevalent in society for women, and reflects on the achievements of women in the past, physicians Elizabeth Blackwell and Emily Stowe. Tanya Michelle Contente is an inspirational Canadian empowering young females throughout Canada and the World.

Episode 9: The Role of Virtual Care in Medicine with Hussain Ali Naqvi

On this episode, we welcome Hussain Ali Naqvi to speak about Virtual Care, it’s importance and impact on people during the pandemic.  He eloquently differentiates between virtual care and telemedicine, explores the new ethical concerns and speaks about the impact it has had  as a recipient.

Episode 8 – In Dialogue with Nikolai J. Nunes on the Global Health Workforce – Primary Health care And Universal Health Coverage

On this episode, we welcome Nikolai J Nunes to speak about the Global Health Workforce – Primary Healthcare & Universal Healthcare. He contrasts the differences and highlights the various systems countries have taken to deal with the pandemic. Nikolai J. Nunes is a final-year medical student at the University of The West Indies Mona Campus, where he serves as senior student leader for Health Professions Education, Social Accountability, and Health Workforce. During medical school he has completed a Certificate in Global Health from the University of Groningen as well as a Certificate in Essential Skills in Medical Education (ESME) from the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE), and consulted for the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) as a Research Assistant seconded to the Ministry of Health (TTO) and Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) on the National NCDs Strategic Plan and International Health Regulations 2005 compliance respectively. He is a former two-term National Officer on Medical Education of the Jamaica Medical Students’ Association (JAMSA) and has worked with the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA) as a leader on Social Accountability and Global Health Workforce, as a member of the Small Working Group on the IFMSA Americas’ Regional Implementation Plan for Human Resources for Health, and presented on Caribbean Youth and Health Workforce as the sole student presenter at the Global Health Workforce Network (GHWN) Youth Hub’s Online Conference 2019. Following graduation, he intends to pursue a dual career in Emergency Medicine and Health Systems Policy and hopes to follow his passion for Primary Health Care, Universal Health Coverage, and Global Health Workforce to the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization.

Episode 7 – Armor for the Frontlines: Shortages of #PPE4HCP with MedSupplyDrive!

On this episode of the Peer Med Podcast, we welcome medical students from the University of GeorgeTown to speak about the COVID19 crisis and their initiative MedSupply Drive. A national collaborative effort across 42 states and expanding internationally, they’ve gathered a coalition of community members to give back. To hear more listen to this episode of a movement never seen before. For more information contact them at http://www.medsupplydrive.org

Episode 6 – The History of Medicine And The Role of Music During the Pandemic with Ryan Andrew Milov-Córdoba

On this episode of the Peer Med podcast, we welcome Ryan Milov-Córdoba, a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, producer, teacher, and PhD Candidate in Comparative Literature at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York City. His music combines traditional Americana with fresh, global engagement, especially reaching out to the indie music of the contemporary Middle East and North African worlds. His covers of popular Arabic songs have begun to win the approval of established indie artists in Algeria, Tunisia, and Jordan, and previews of his first record have been warmly received by listeners around the world. In his academic work, Ryan focuses on understanding the relationship between how we think about the physical body and how we think about other things––blending the history of medicine, psychology, and the history of literature. His dissertation, entitled The Body Heuristic,  revolves around identifying key elements in the Eurasian humoral medical tradition and connecting them to elements of contemporaneous literature in three different periods––the 2nd-Century Roman Empire, the 11th-Century Islamic empire, and 18th-Century France. Finally, Ryan is also a dedicated teacher. He has taught Latin and Ancient Greek at Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn for the past 8 years, and for the last 4 years, he has also taught literature and writing at Hunter College. All of Ryan’s work is characterized by an uplifting quality that reflects his belief in the power of sharing knowledge, stories, and music.

Episode 5 – In Discussion with Michael Nudo on “Political Action in Medicine”

On this episode of the Peer Med podcast, we welcome, Michael Nudo to discuss the role of politics and action in medicine. The pandemic COVID19 has highlighted how intertwined these domains of life are that a world free of politics is virtually impossible. This episode features Michael Nudo, a soon to be graduate of Concordia University attaining  his Bachelor’s of Arts degree with a Major in Political Science and a  Minor in Law and Society. He specializes in Electoral Politics within  Canada and the United States, and keeps up to date with all the  political news. As an Italian Quebecer, Michael embraces diversity, appreciating the richness of other opinions and views besides his own. He is passionate about the role politics plays in our everyday lives and hopes to lead Canadians in  the future. Often admired by his peers for his political projections  and strong opinions, he is a political scientist, speaker and leader!  
To contact Michael Nudo: m.nudo@outlook.com. DISCLAIMER:
All opinions are his own and from a political perspective with regards to many political issues occurring within the world. Feel free to disagree. That’s the beauty of politics as it is a matter of human rights and freedom of expression, agreeing and disagreeing is natural and is what makes us all humans.