Episode 20 – Fighting for Menstrual Health Equity in Canada: Monthly Dignity

“Serving Humanity with Medicine”

– Leah Sarah Peer

On this episode of the Peer Med Podcast, we welcome Co-founders of Monthly Dignity, Chloé, Anaïs & Sophia to speak about their not-for-profit organization, their activities and the importance of fighting for menstrual health equity in Canada. Through environmental and financial sustainability as well as a tripartite collaborative model with menstrual hygiene producers (FEMPRO & OrganiCup), Moisson Montreal (for storage and deliveries) and Montreal women’s shelters and day-centers (for distribution) they provide menstrual hygiene products to those who are unable to afford them in Montreal. Monthly Dignity exists because they believe that adequate access to menstrual hygiene products should be a right, not a privilege.ilege.

What is Monthly Dignity?

“Our palliative goal is to distribute menstrual hygiene products to individuals who cannot afford them.

Our discursive goal is to destigmatize the intersection of menstruation and precarity, to educate on menstrual health and to advocate for menstrual equity.”

Monthly Dignity

“Menstruation is a biological phenomenon that affects half of the world’s population, yet it remains unreasonably taboo.

Avoidance of the topic brings about stigma, shame and unequal opportunities for menstruators worldwide – a form of sex-based discrimination. Unsurprisingly, the political and discursive void that surrounds menstruation disproportionately impacts individuals living in precarious situations.

Therefore, marginalized people face period poverty: they do not have the financial means to procure adequate menstrual hygiene products. 

Without suitable menstrual hygiene products, a person is forced to improvise, leading to the use of unsanitary alternatives, putting both their mental and physical health at risk. Thus, people living in precarious situations describe periods as one of the primary, and most burdensome, obstacles they face.”

Meet the Guest Speakers!

Chloé Pronovost-Morgan (she/her) is a second-year medical student at McGill. She co-founded Monthly Dignity during her undergrad in psychology, with her colleague Julia. She loves many things including plants, art, reading and the human brain. .

Anaïs Pronovost-Morgan (she/her) is a second-year student in Liberal Arts at McGill. She spends most of her free time taking long walks, teaching improvisation theater to teenagers and watching films on her projector. She loves good breakfasts and singing Taylor Swift songs while cleaning her apartment.

Sophia Harman Heath (she/they) is a 23 year old almost McGill Graduate in psychology and gender studies. She enjoys podcasting, fancy coffee and spending sunny afternoons with her cat on her balcony! Her passions include digital activism, queer theory and sexual education.

For More from Monthly Dignity or to volunteer check out their website.

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