Episode 18 – From Global Health to Human Rights: Impala Global, Ensuring Technology is at the Forefront of Innovation

“Serving Humanity with Medicine”

– Peer med podcast

On this episode of the Peer Med Podcast, we welcome Co-Founders of Impala Global, Maud Kadye & Tafadzwa Kadye to speak about their organization. As an independent Think Tank, this episode dives into the work the organization does, using research to develop and strengthen the human rights and global health frameworks within tech. Acknowledging that disciplines such as digital health will continue to rise they provide us with insight into the importance of technology in our everyday lives, and essential to understand how interactions with technology, global health and human rights impact people everywhere.

What is Impala Global?

“Impala Global is an independent Think Tank focusing on developing and strengthening the human rights and global health framework within tech through research, fostering partnerships between industries and multidisciplinary collaboration. We believe that Global Health & Human Rights should be at the forefront of
technological advances.”

Impala Global

“A world where human rights and global health collaborate with the tech for
an inclusive future.”

– Impala Global

● Developing policies that ensure that the tech industry meets human rights and global health standards.
● Identifying and highlighting issues within the current human rights and global health framework that are linked to tech.
● Providing a platform to raise awareness, discuss and exchange ideas on challenges to global health and human rights in tech.
● Empowering businesses in tech with global health and human rights tools to make an impactful change in the industry through the facilitation of training, workshops and seminars.

– Impala Global

Meet the Guest Speakers!

Maud Kadye is a co-founder of Impala Global. She has an LLM in Human Rights Law and an LLB in Law. She currently manages projects in East Africa on the areas of conflict, security and Justice. Before this, Maud was based in Ghana working on human rights and development projects. Maud has experience of working with United Nations Agencies and the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office.

Tafadzwa Kadye is a co-founder of Impala Global. She has a MSc in global health and development and a BSc in Biomedical Science. When she is not working on Kadye Global Tafadzwa is the co-lead of the Global Health Café; a platform in which people can engage in global health and develop innovative solutions, engaging individuals from all over the world and continuing to bring a fresh and dynamic approach to International Health issues. She currently works for an organisation empowering youth to advocate for global health. Before this Tafadzwa worked for a small grassroots organisation based in (Mbare, Zimbabwe) and assisted on a research project focussing on a public health approach to youth violence in London.

For More from Impala Global or to volunteer check out their website.

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