Episode 16 – The Inclusive Care Project & LGBTQ+ Healthcare with Ellie Reyes

“Serving Humanity with Medicine”

– Peer med podcast

On this episode of Peer Med, we welcome LGBTQ+ Healthcare Educator, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant and Health Equity Advocate, Ellie Reyes. As the founder of the Inclusive Care Project, an online instagram community this episode captures the two in conversation about the Inclusive Care project, LGBTQ+ Healthcare and calls for the greater need for culturally competent health professionals. In order for our health providers and health systems to be more equipped to care for a variety of populations and individuals from across the gender spectrum, Ellie highlights in this episode the importance of a more equitable healthcare system and compassionate professionals now more than ever.

“The day I misgendered a transgender patient of colour was the day I realized that as health professionals, we can’t afford to wait for the educational and healthcare systems to change before our practices do. Our patients need for us to know how to care for them – today. ” 

by Ellie Reyes

About the Inclusive Care Project

Around the world queer communities and people of colour are experiencing health disparities related to the lack of inclusive care and cultural competency by healthcare professionals. At the Inclusive Care Project, we equip you with the knowledge and training you need to provide safe and competent care to diverse patients.

We stand by the evidence that health is influenced by societies, institutions and systemic factors beyond the individual. We believe that health professionals play an important role in making healthcare equitable for marginalized communities.

Our educational programming is rooted in intersectional, trauma-informed and anti-oppressive frameworks. Discover workshops and courses that will broaden your perspective and deepen your knowledge.


Follow Ellie @inclusivecareproject on Instagram, or visit her website: https://www.elliereyes.com/ 

Ellie Reyes is a diversity consultant and healthcare educator focused on helping health professionals develop culturally competent and LGBTQ+ inclusive practices.

Ellie Reyes is a diversity consultant and healthcare educator focused on helping health professionals develop culturally competent and LGBTQ+ inclusive practices. Her work is driven by the lack of LGBTQ+ training in healthcare and the health disparities that exist within queer and BIPOC communities. Ellie has over 10 years of experience in advocacy and nursing, working with patients across marginalized communities. She’s also served as the diversity officer on the board of the Canadian Bioethics Society. Ellie is the founder of The Inclusive Care Project where she makes LGBTQ+ education accessible for healthcare professionals around the world. Designed specifically for Instagram in order to reduce the barriers faced in accessing knowledge its meant to facilitate resource sharing and to provide more importantly a sense of COMMUNITY.

Finally, Ryan is also a dedicated teacher. He has taught Latin and Ancient Greek at Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn for the past 8 years, and for the last 4 years, he has also taught literature and writing at Hunter College. All of Ryan’s work is characterized by an uplifting quality that reflects his belief in the power of sharing knowledge, stories, and music. 

Thank you so much for being a special guest on the Peer Med Podcast, Ellie! It was a delight to have you share insight and perspective into the diversity, equity & inclusion work you do, teaching healthcare professionals the importance of inclusive practices, and in encouraging them to provide the care, our patients need! Thank you for the amazing work and dedication you have to our community at large!

– Peer Med Podcast

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