Episode 15 – An Innovative Health App: EatSafe – An Approach to More Informed Food Choices

“Serving Humanity with Medicine”

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On this episode of the Peer Med Podcast, we welcome University Graduates from Concordia University, Saad Brown & Lamine Kone who speak about their initiative, an innovative health app called EatSafe. Inspired by the pressing nature of and increased consumption of unhealthy foods in America and around the world, together with a team they decided to venture and live out their entrepreneurial mindset. EatSafe aims to guide the general population into making better healthier more informed decisions in terms of food consumption. With updates on the way and much more in store, listen to hear them enlighten us on what got them started.

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“With various preservatives and additives added to packaged food products, the EatSafe App, an innovation by Canadian Graduate Students from Concordia University was started. These young leaders and entrepreneurs have extended their reach to communities across Canada and through the help of their volunteers aspire to effect tangible change allowing individuals to be more health literate when reading food product labels.”

– Peer Med podcast

EatSafe is an innovative healthcare app started in Montreal, Canada by Concordia University Graduates.

EatSafe’s mission is to guide the general population into making better healthy decisions in terms of food consumption by using our app.

EatSafe App

Saad Brown

Saad Brown is a graduate of Concordia University with a Major in Biochemistry and a Minor in Environmental Geography from Montreal, Canada. He is currently working full-time at a pharmaceutical company in his field of study. He has a passion for innovation and likes to tackle critical issues that concern health and the environment of all beings. Additionally, Saad has an entrepreneurial mindset that never lets him rest, and for this reason he is continuously working on a number of different projects in his spare time.

Lamine Kone, born from Malian parents has always been passionate by the environment and health issues affecting our planet. After graduating from Concordia University in 2017 with a Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry, he decided to pursue a Masters degree in environmental risk management. Motivated by his desire to tackle health issues of today and tomorrow, and driven by his entrepreneurial mindset, Lamine along with his friends and Saad decided to embark on an entrepreneurial journey creating the health app: EatSafe.

Lamine Kone

Episode 15 – An Innovative Health App: EatSafe – An Approach to More Informed Food Choices

“Thank you Saad and Lamine for representing the EatSafe App and for speaking on the Peer Med podcast. It is always enlightening to see young leaders thinking outside of the box in innovative, creative ways. We are excited to see the translation updates with increased features upcoming and we are sure that EatSafe will go on to accomplish much more.”

– Peer Med Podcast
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To keep up with updates about the app and the food health world, visit eatsafe.ca or follow EatSafe on facebook @EatSafe and on instagram on @eatsafe_healthapp.

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