Episode 9: The Role of Virtual Care in Medicine with Hussain Ali Naqvi

“Serving Humanity with Medicine”

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On this episode, we welcome Hussain Ali Naqvi to speak about Virtual Care, it’s importance and impact on people during the pandemic. He eloquently differentiates between virtual care and telemedicine, explores the new ethical concerns and speaks about the impact it has had as a recipient.

To contact Hussain Ali Naqvi: hussainalinaqvi@hotmail.com

All opinions are his own and from a his personal perspective. Feel free to disagree. That’s the beauty of life as it is a matter of human rights and freedom of expression, agreeing and disagreeing is natural and is what makes us all humans.

Hussain Naqvi is presently a second-year, undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo studying Health Studies. His education has been imperative in shaping his healthcare interests, and further cultivated his skillets. He has worked as a Health Analyst, provided a range of policy and planning support to multiple stakeholders such as Long Term Care Homes, clinics and vulnerable populations. He is an active volunteer at Long Term Care Home’s, works in medical design and innovation, mentors children of at-risk populations, provides tutoring and facilitates support groups for brain-injury survivors. Other experiences include mental health app-development, cyber bullying prevention and extra-curricular’s in school.

All of these experiences have only added to his interests in healthcare and taught him how important it is to consider multi-faceted approaches in cultivating productive healthcare discussions. He is also the founder and CEO of Liasing Healthcare Podcasts, a series that focuses on immediate and prominent healthcare issues.

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Episode 9: The Role of Virtual Care in Medicine with Hussain Ali Naqvi of Liasing Healthcare Podcasts

Special thanks to Hussain Ali Naqvi for taking the time to discuss with Peer Med. Thank you for voicing your opinions, sharing your thoughts and for being a leader in Healthcare. Looking forward to the upcoming episodes of Liasing Healthcare.

– Peer Med Podcast

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