Episode 10 – Women in Medicine And Society: Reviewing the Past, Present and Future with Tanya-Michelle Contente

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On this episode of the Peer Med Podcast, we welcome Tanya-Michelle Contente to speak about Women in Medicine and Society. It reviews the past, present and looks to the future. This episode discusses the complex challenging issues prevalent in society for women, and reflects on the achievements of women in the past, physicians Elizabeth Blackwell and Emily Stowe. Tanya Michelle Contente is an inspirational Canadian empowering young females throughout Canada and the World.

Born in Montreal, with Portuguese parents, Tanya-Michelle has practiced classical ballet, for
over 25 years. As the Youth President of the Azorean Community Center of Quebec (CASORBEC),
she has always been involved in community development with different organizations like;
McGill University edX and an international environmental law NGO in Brazil named
Floripamanha (Floripa for Tomorrow). Tanya-Michelle speaks five languages, which are; English,
French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian, she is also learning three more languages: Russian,
Japanese and American Sign Language (ASL). Being a polyglot is an asset, which allowed her to
be a source of instrumental action during negotiations for the UNESCO gastronomic city title for

She studied at Concordia University enrolled in an undergraduate Double major in Community, Public Affairs and Policy Studies, as well as Political Science, followed by graduate studies for a micro-program MBA certificate in leadership and management from the John Molson School of Business. In 2015, Ms. Contente was nominated for the “Young Quebecers Leading the Way Award”, after having been recognized as a distinguished forum participant and for her work as Timescape coordinator for the 9 th UNESCO Youth Forum in Paris, France. In 2016, she worked as a Regional Youth Coordinator for the Greater Montreal area on the “Young Quebecers Leading the Way” project, an initiative from the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) and Heritage Canada; fostering democratic participation for young people aged 15-30. Her dedicated involvement towards youth civic engagement in Quebec was recognized as an inspiring youth in the Montréal Métro Newspaper (Journal Métro Montréal)’s February 2016 “Portrait of Inspiring Youth for the Youth Council of Montreal” (Portrait de jeunes inspirants par le Conseil Jeunesse de Montréal) and the TV show “Hat’s Off” (Coup de chapeau) on the TCF channel, Montreal Community television (Télévision communautaire de Montréal). Her professional trajectory lead her to be chosen as a 2016 Quebec delegate from LOJIQ (Les offices jeunesse internationaux du Québec) for the Give1Project, returning to Paris, France on a 1200$ grant and receive the 2017 “Hommage to Women Project Award” (Projet Hommage aux Femmes) in community and participatory democracy, following her involvement with the Quebec delegation in the 2017 African Youth Leadership Summit.

In 2018, she was a laureate for the Summer Leadership Program at the Cabinet of the Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, which lead her to become a federal political attaché for the Government Canada, after having previously worked at the municipal and provincial level. Presently, in 2020, she is one of 3 mentors to young women participating in Her City (Cité Elles), after having been 2019 President of this initiative taking place with Montreal City Hall, allowing young female professionals to participate in municipal politics. She hopes everyone is staying safe and healthy during this pandemic and would love to hear from anybody interested in female leadership associated to any field, as well as other topics at the following e-mail: t_conten@live.concordia.ca

Photo: ©Josie Desmarais for the Montreal Metro Newspaper (Journal Métro Montréal): February 2016

Episode 10 – Women in Medicine And Society: Reviewing the Past, Present and Future with Tanya Michelle Contente

“Thank you so much Ms. Contente for your beautiful responses, for your opinions and words of wisdom on Peer Med. You are an amazing leader in the field and role of female leadership, and there is no better candidate who could live up to the expectations of this episode. Fighting gender disparities is a struggle that continues but exceptional people like you make all the difference.”

– Peer Med Podcast

To read more about Tanya-Michelle Contente: https://journalmetro.com/carrieres/912739/stimuler-la-reflexion-et-le-debat-chez-les-jeunes/

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