Episode 6 – The History of Medicine And The Role of Music During the Pandemic with Ryan Andrew Milov-Córdoba

“Serving Humanity with Medicine”

– Peer Med Podcast

On this episode of the Peer Med podcast, we welcome Ryan Milov-Córdoba, a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, producer, teacher, and PhD Candidate in Comparative Literature at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York City.

Ryan Milov-Córdoba is a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, producer, teacher, and PhD Candidate in Comparative Literature at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York City.

His music combines traditional Americana with fresh, global engagement, especially reaching out to the indie music of the contemporary Middle East and North African worlds. His covers of popular Arabic songs have begun to win the approval of established indie artists in Algeria, Tunisia, and Jordan, and previews of his first record have been warmly received by listeners around the world.

In his academic work, Ryan focuses on understanding the relationship between how we think about the physical body and how we think about other things––blending the history of medicine, psychology, and the history of literature. His dissertation, entitled The Body Heuristic,  revolves around identifying key elements in the Eurasian humoral medical tradition and connecting them to elements of contemporaneous literature in three different periods––the 2nd-Century Roman Empire, the 11th-Century Islamic empire, and 18th-Century France. 

To contact Ryan: https://callmecordoba.com/

Finally, Ryan is also a dedicated teacher. He has taught Latin and Ancient Greek at Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn for the past 8 years, and for the last 4 years, he has also taught literature and writing at Hunter College. All of Ryan’s work is characterized by an uplifting quality that reflects his belief in the power of sharing knowledge, stories, and music. 

More by Ryan Milov-Córdoba: Check Out Call Me Córdoba

Call Me Córdoba is an uplifting, purposeful singer-songwriter, PhD Candidate, and teacher born in between cultures, languages, and places. In his music, he is opening Americana up to a wider world and inviting a wider world back in.”

― Ryan Milov-Córdoba, Call Me Córdoba

Thank you for coming onto Peer Med, Ryan! It was a pleasure talking to you! Your thoughts, words and worldview of experiences is refreshing as you mix the contemporary with the medieval era to redefine the meaning of medicine and literature!

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